“Happy Fall Y’all!”

Over the past few weeks and days, Leslie and I have been noticing the color changes in the trees around our neighborhood. We love to watch as the greens turn to red, yellow, orange, and all sorts of mixed colors. Not only do we love the beauty but we also love the fact that these colors are signaling a change from summer to fall. After months of the summer’s heat and humidity (well, we are still having the heat!), aren’t we all looking forward to the cooler weather!

However, it also occurs to me that all this beauty is because of death. During the summer months when the tree can make plenty chlorophyll they have no problem nourishing the leaves on the branches. When the days start getting cooler, it makes it more difficult for the tree to produce enough chlorophyll to keep the leaves alive, so they cut it off to the leaves. Of course, when that happens the leaves begin to lose their life and eventually die. Thus, the changing in colors and finally the falling away.

In a spiritual sense the tree is often smarter than us humans. Instead of cutting the things away in our lives that sap us of our energy and life, we tend to try to hang on to them. When we do this, those things rob us of the ability to live life fully and completely for God. I’m afraid many of us as Christians, and as a church, are hanging on to things that are sapping us of the power that God wants to use to move us forward in our spiritual lives.

As we move from the summer to Fall, this could be a time in our lives where we can ask God to show us those things that we are trying to hang on to, that are only sapping us of our spiritual energy. If you think about it, the tree lets go, so in time, God can create something new where the old was. Jesus said it like this, “Very Truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

Bro Jason