Let the little children come

Dear Church Family,

If you were present during the 10:30 service, and if you were fortunate enough to be seated near the center aisle, then you probably noticed Lennox Kennamore. Let me set the scene for you. Like always, Christal had invited the “Somebodies” to come forward for Children’s Time. As they do every week and along with the other children, Paxton and Maddox Kennamore came down the aisle and sat next to Christal. As she started to tell her story, 10-month-old Lennox decided that he needed a bit of “Somebody” time too. So with his parent’s blessing, he crawled down the aisle, sat down next to his big brothers, and began to listen. If there was an award for “The Cutest Moment in Sunday Worship,” Lennox would have won it hands down.

Why did Lennox crawl down the aisle? The obvious answer is Paxton and Maddox. He may only be 10 months, but he’s old enough to want to be just like his brothers. Lennox is not going to let them have all the fun! This is just the beginning. For the next 15 or so years, he’s going to want to do everything that they do! Look out, Tracey and Ricky!

Yet maybe there is something else going on as well. When Jesus uttered his famous “Let the little children come to me,” it was not that he was thinking about inviting them to sit with him. The disciples didn’t object to the possibility of children “interrupting the service.” They were already doing so! They were already congregating around Jesus’ feet. Those children had sensed that there was something very special about Jesus; that he had something to offer them. I think that even at 10 months Lennox sensed that too. I think that he knows that there is something special about Jesus; that he has something to offer him. And so he crawled out of his parent’s arms and crawled as fast as he could to get it.

This past Sunday Lennox gave us the perfect reason why Christian Education should not be an afterthought at First Church, Ripley. Even at his young age, Lennox needs Jesus. I pray that you will do everything in your power to help him as well as all our other children meet that need.

Don’t forget that Wednesday Night Live starts this week. See you at 5:30.